Episode 48 – In at the deep end


The week of the 7 days of the Retro Asylum continues with this being the 6th episode this week.

It’s time to meet the new co-hosts! Fresh from their auditions, new team members TheRetroHunter and Uniforix prepare for their first podcast, and boy do they get a surprise on arrival.

Uniforix finds he’s a bit accident prone after the late nights of podcast editing and TheRetroHunter confesses he’s been somewhat clumsy himself, must be first show jitters!

The show is packed with retro banter – discussion of home computers, consoles and TheRetroHunter provides information on car-booting and e-bay pickups.

Uni finds fixing his Electron wasn’t as big a job as he thought, and he’s even invited a special guest to announce this weeks sponsors! … Who will it be?

Find out, and enjoy the show!

Download the episode:
Episode 48 – In at the deep end