Episode 333: Revival 2024 Plus A Lot Of Waffle!

This episode see’s the return of the A-Team as Dean travels to Wolverhampton to checkout the Revival Game 2024 Not Over event. Mark bags a boot load of retro computing goodies and Steve totally forgets to mention that his new album is out now!

Plus the guys waffle about video game magazines and a lot more!

Thanks to all of our Patreon’s who made this episode possible, we really appreciate your kind donations!

Richard Hyde
Roger Swan
Billy Bumptious with the Scrumptious Rumptious
Cillian O’Brien
Robert Ilott
Pix’s paradoxically phrased pseudonym pursuing punishingly preclusive pronunciation producing perplexed podcast presenters
Pete Rogers
Rune P
New Game Old Flame – Podcast
Christopher Bolton
Damon Crockett
Dylan D’Arch
Bitmap Soft
Mikes vintage Tech
Derek Young
Howard Price
Matthew Turner
Adam Hinde
Chris O’Regan
James Dunn
Hans aka Muppets4
Guto Threadbare
Chris Atwill
Harvey Watson
Martyn Jones
Tim TJ Walker
Ricardo Engel
James Bentley
Tony Parkinson
Mal Woods
Cane and Rinse
Salvio Calabrese
Rhys Wynne
Clint Humphrey
Mark Bylund
Paul Ashton
Chris Rowe
Jon Sheppard
Laurent Giroud
Aaron Maupin
Jon Veal
Thomas scoffham
Patrick Fürst
Andrew Gilmour
Stephen Stuttard
Matt Sullivan
Darren Coles
Garry Heather
Nick Lees
Benedictus McFluffernutter Von Quizzletwist the Third, Esquire, Grand Poobah of Peculiar Puns, Custodian of Chuckles, and Spam.

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