Episode 8 – Rose-Tinted Glasses


The Retro Asylum Podcast is back! It may be a few days late but we are back with more retro goodness.

In today’s episode your hosts are Andy and Glenn.

Episode 8 of the Retro Asylum Podcast is slightly different as the whole show is one massive topic, which is entitled “rose-tinted glasses”.

The lads discuss all the machines they have owned, the first few games they really got in to, the first games they finished, and loads more Retro nostalgia

Also in today’s episode the Retro Asylum Podcast has its first guest host… the one, the only Denaris from the Retro Asylum community. Denaris tells us all about his retro gaming memories.

All that plus loads more… plus the best outtake at the end of the podcast ever!

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Download the episode:
Episode 8 – Rose-Tinted Glasses