Episode 3 – Replay Expo Special Report 2011

Episode 3 Cover

Welcome back to another fun-filled, retro gaming-packed episode of the UK’s No.1 Retro Gaming Podcast!

In today’s episode your hosts are Andy and Swainy. The lads tell you all about their weekend at Replay Expo 2011 including:

  • Their journey to Blackpool where the event was held.
  • What machines they played and spotted such, as The Specadore 64,PC 64 and Rtype on a projector screen.
  • What they bought – Andy bought a certain new retro-style mag, well actually three of them… can you guess which one?
  • Swainy nearly didn’t pay for a certain game.
  • Andy bought some Speccy games.
  • Who they ended up speaking to – Retro Gamer Daz, Keith aka Lorfarius and loads of programmers from the good old days.
  • Not to mention the ‘magnificant’ Hotel Alcatraz!

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Download the episode:
Episode 3 – Replay Expo Special Report 2011