Episode 2 – The Master of Unlocking


Welcome back to the second episode of the Retro Asylum Podcast!

Today your two retromaniac hosts are Glenn83100 and Andy and they’re here with best in retro gaming chit chat (and cats and hamsters).

The lads tell us what they’ve been up to – Andy has been to the vet with his cat and has also bought a house. Glenn has been to a birthday party and eaten the mini pizzas and has also been playing Bomberman.

There’s also retro news, the game of the month is Resident Evil, the console of the month is the N64 and music of the month is Matt Gray’s classic tune from Last Ninja 2.

And also Andy comes up with a new section called Knowing Me Knowing You, that doesn’t quite go to plan.

All this plus loads more.

So stick the kettle on, put your feet up and listen to the best retro gaming podcast out there.

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Episode 2 – The Master of Unlocking

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