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Episode 49 – Steve Perry + Retro Events


In this episode of the UK’s #1 Retro Gaming Podcast Andy is joined by Steve Perry.┬áSo who is Steve Perry?

Steve is a Retro gamer,Retro collector,Retro Event organiser and also the very nice man who is letting us borrow over 40 systems for event Retromania.

Find out how Steve got into gaming, what Systems he owns and find out what goes into making these retro events.

Download the episode:
Episode 49 – Steve Perry + Retro Events

3 thoughts on “Episode 49 – Steve Perry + Retro Events

  1. uniforix says:

    Brilliant show guys, I found it really interesting listening to Steve talk about his systems and setting up shows.

    My next door neighbour had a Plus/4, I only remember playing Treasure Island on it though, think that came with it. Did it have a built in wordprocessor etc.? I think you could press a function key to get into it, might be wrong.

    I should be at RetroMania so really look forward to meeting up!

  2. starshipuk says:

    Thanks for the kind comments! Treasure Island came with system bundles as a game released by Commodore, but I think it was also ported to the C64 ( and also known as The Willow Pattern Adventure on the C64 ( Treasure Island is also one of the better games on the system and I completed it a few times back in the day – Remembering the map was the hard part as at the end you had to escape back to the ship with Long John Silver chasing you and the game only gave you one life – if you died you had to start again from the beginning! The Plus 4 also had a built in wordprocessor accessed from the function keys but it was not great and had bugs – Most people just used the system for gaming rather than this.

  3. mrsid says:

    Great episode. Really enjoyed hearing Steve talk about his collection and his experiences of gaming events.

    I have very fond memories if playing treasure island on the c64, classic little game

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