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The Retro Asylum is the UK’s longest-running retro gaming podcast show that looks at gaming culture from a UK perspective. The show has been established for over 5 years and has won industry awards for ‘UK’s Best Video Game Podcast’ in 2015 and then ‘World’s Best Podcast’ in 2016.

Our output is personality-led and combines conversation, music and stories from back in the day with ‘deep dive’ discussion about the computer systems that were popular at the time from the ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64, Amstrad CPC and Amiga through to the Sega Mega Drive and Super Nintendo and up to the Playstation, Gamecube and Xbox.

In more recent years the show has taken on a role as curators of gaming development tales through our interviews with influential game makers such as John Romero, The Oliver Twins, Walter Day, Shahid Ahmad, Dino Dini and Jon Hare. This archiving of stories and in-depth discussion around how video games have evolved has built an ever-growing permanent archive which will be available to future generations of gamers and game developers.

So why have we launched a Patreon and what will it be used for?

We want to be really open from the onset and state that we don’t intend to increase the frequency of shows beyond our current schedule. Also, we are committed to ensure that all of our podcasts and Youtube videos will remain available free of charge for everyone.

We’ll never hide our shows or videos behind paywalls or tiers but on occasion we will look to reward our Patreon supporters with some fun little extras along the way.

Your Patreon support will go 100% toward the running costs of our podcast hosting, website, forums, and event displays. Any donations received will guarantee the continued production of the podcast and they will allow us to expand on the types of creative content that we love to make for the community.

If you enjoy the show and feel that our output is worthy of your donation please pledge from as little as $1 (or more if you like!). We’ve also created some other support levels which will acknowledge your ongoing support of the show with exclusive mugs and t-shirts and also opportunities to get involved in future episodes.

Of course, you can also make a one-off donation by pledging an amount and then cancelling any ongoing payment commitments.

We hope that you want to help us take RA forward for years to come, we’d appreciate your support.

Thanks for reading and keep it retro!

Paul, Dean, Mads, Steve, Matt

As always, we would like to thanks our Patreon supporters!

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