Bonus Episode: Here Comes A New Challenger


In this special bonus episode, Dean Swain talks to Oliver Harper about the upcoming Street Fighter 2 documentary ‘Here Comes A New Challenger’ and discusses how Oliver become a successful YouTuber and director.

Checkout the Kickstarter campaign for more information.

Checkout Olivers YouTube Channel to see more of his amazing work.
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William E Rimmer
Andy Hudson
Ricardo Engel
Adrian Nelson
Alastair Barr
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James Bentley
Wiedo Belochkin
Tony Parkinson
Gaz H
Mal Woods
Zach Glanz
Richard Rogers
Cane and Rinse
Salvio Calabrese
Rhys Wynne
Clint Humphrey
Mark Bylund
Paul Ashton
Chris Rowe
Jon Sheppard
Laurent Giroud
Martin Stephenson
Aaron Maupin
Jon Veal
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