Episode 165 – The Atari ST


After a short break following our Revival 2017 specials, Dean Swain & Chris O’Regan return to take a fascinating look back at Atari’s much maligned range of 16 bit computers.

The guys also discuss all of the latest news of the retro gaming scene including the reveal of Nintendo’s lost arcade game “Sky Skipper” and much much more!

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For more information on the SkySkipper project, please visit: https://www.skyskipperproject.com/

For the latest news on the Atari Box, checkout https://www.ataribox.com/

For more information on the Retron 77 console, please visit: https://www.hyperkin.com/

For more information on the SNES30 control pad, please visit: http://www.8bitdo.com/

To order a Spectrum Next, please visit: http://www.specnext.com/

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