Episode 130: The Bitmap Brothers


The Bitmap Brothers were UK gaming’s first Rockstars. They appeared in our computer magazines looking more suited to the cover of NME rather than the bedroom coders we’d become accustomed to.

Their video games had a look and style all of their own that when combined with their cutting edge dance music collaborations and savvy marketing created not only a loyal following among gamers but also influenced future generations of game makers.

In this episode we focus on their 16-bit era and the games which dominated not only our gaming memories but also the charts and award ceremonies of the time.

We couldn’t let such legendary game makers go by without marking the occasion as best we could. So, the Drisk has been at it again created another huge 222 page companion book which goes into even deeper detail about the games, stories and images around the Bitmap Brothers’ canon.

You can download the book for free here:


The Bitmap Brothers, gaming Gods!

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