Episode 91 – Game Over


In this episode, we bid farewell to “Mr Retro Asylum” Andy Godoy.

Andy explains why he’s leaving, the genesis of the Retro Asylum and the journey that followed.

(Thanks from Andy Godoy)

Just wanted to thank my best mate Swainy for helping me brain storm all the site from the early days, for designing the best logo ever, for putting up with all my crazy ideas and listening to me talk non stop about the ZX Spectrum.

Thanks to Glenn, for making me laugh so much and for the help towards the site in its early days.

Thanks to the rest of the Team , Matt,Damien,Foggy,Anthony,Ally,Paul M,Steve,Paul “Flash Davies” and to Sam, you guys really helped me out so much i consider all you friends an i couldn’t have done any of this with out all your help.

I don’t want to forget anyone so a big special thanks to all our friends,Retromaniacs,listeners and sponsors.

The last couple of years have been absolutely amazing I’ve ha a great time but its time to move on.

Goodbye Retro Asylum
Retro Regards
Andy Godoy

Big thanks to all our wonderful sponsors
Dino Dino
Play Expo
Retro Tower
Michael J Hay
The Retro Hunter
Turbo Nips
Shawn Higgins
Michael Kieth
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Episode 91 – Game Over