Episode 84 – Play Expo Blackpool 2014 Weekend

over84In this weeks podcast we have over 3 hours of retro gaming chit chat
1) Ep 84 play expo
2) the live podcast
3) the curry cast

Part 1
Ep 84 -PlayExpo Blackpool 2014

In this episode the guys recorded at The UK’s biggest retro gaming expo”play expo Blackpool”

Andy is joined by Dean swain, Steve Ericsson and New Glenn “Paul Monaghan”
With guest Steve Perry and The Drisk.

The guys talk about the overall weekend.

How there journey there was
Meeting up Friday night
Setting up
Behind the scenes at play
Fave arcade games
What they bought
Problems with the live show
The retro asylum stall
Plus loads more

Part 2

(Big thanks to Steve perry for editing this part of the show and saving this live Ep)

The guys kick off the 2nd part of the live tour.
Andy is joined by dean swain,Paul Davies,Paul Monaghan , Steve Ericsson , Anthony Ogdon and Damien green.

The guys talk about about play and interact with the audience and play name the game,guess the games and give away loads of prizes.

Part 3

The Curry Cast

Recorded live at The Saturday Curry Queen

(Again apologise for the audio but we did just record our conversation in restaurant as we eat and drank beer)

In this podcast they team and Darren from A Beads C eStart go out for a meal.

Warning bad language is used and the topic goes from geeky chat about shinobi ,ps1 games, fave ps2 games to such movies as alien ……but as the alcohol starts flowing we end up talking about redheads and other crazy stuff.

Big special thanks to

The play expo team for putting on a superb event and for also treating us fantastically.

Big thanks to everyone that we met, you made out weekend 🙂
And last but not least big thanks to all our sponsors

Download the episode:
Episode 84 – Play Expo Blackpool 2014 Weekend