Episode 77 – Chris Huelsbeck

cover77The UK’s number one retro gaming podcast returns with another episode in a series of high profile interviews with classic gaming icons. This week Press Play on Tape interviews music legend and industry veteran Chris Heulsbeck. Regarded as one of the most revered and well loved C64 and Amiga musicians of all time, Chris has written the music for an incredible catalogue of games including titles such as Apidya, R-Type, Jim Power, The Great Giana Sisters and the legendary Turrican series.

In this fascinating podcast Chris talks about his musical upbringing, his introduction to the Commodore 64 and first steps into the gaming industry. He tells us about how he created his own software and the inspiration for some of his most beloved Amiga masterpieces. He also dispenses some wonderful advice for modern day musicians looking to find their way into the industry and provides a fascinating insight into his love of Marks and Spencers socks.

Huge thanks to Chris for telling us his story and for making the time to do this interview.

You can follow Chris on twitter at @Chris_Huelsbeck

The Turrican Anthology albums are available at: http://www.turricansoundtrack.com

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Episode 77 – Chris Huelsbeck