Episode 74 – GEEK 2014

ep74coverartThe UK’s #1 Retro Gaming Podcast ,”The Retro Asylum” kicked of
It’s 1st Live show at the Winter Gardens in Margate.

Andy Godoy and Ally Hogg were joined on stage by 2 of our Retromaniacs Paul Davis and Andrew Runagall

The live podcast features a bunch of different topics and guests.

There memories of Margate.

What they thought of GEEK 2014

Darren from ABeadsCStart joins the team on stage

The show gets hijacked by Alex from Level up Games

Name the Game

Audience guess the game

Plus loads more amazing stuff in this amazing episode.

Big thanks to everyone at GEEK2014 for having us there and for putting on a superb event.

Big thanks to Nintendo who gave us loads of prizes to give away.

Huge thanks to funstock.co.uk

And to ABeadsCStart and level up games.

Thanks to the amazing crowd that watched us preform

And a special thanks to
Rob Tighe for filming the live show
And to Steve Perry for working his magic with audio at the event

Download the episode:
Episode 74 – GEEK 2014