Episode 58 – Foggy & Simon have a ramble

photo-5Well not quite that sort of ramble ! – The lads usual badly planned retro gaming chit chat that could lead anywhere ( and does!)
They catch up on some of the listners 8 bit heroes & villians , discuss some lesser known mame games and talk about how some games have aged better than others.

Make sure you dont miss out – nominate your 8bit – heroes , villians , supporting characters , vehicles and end of level bosses. REMEMBER – once you have chosen nobody else can have those characters so get your choices in quick! Send to – foggy@retroasylum.com

Don’t forget if you want to wins this months prize which is a ZX Spectrum, hea don over to our Facebook page and like, share and comment on our topic about how to win the Speccy.

Download the episode:
Episode 58 – Foggy & Simon have a ramble