Episode 54 – Play Expo 2013

photo-5The UK’s #1 Retro Gaming Podcast returns and the lads cover Play Expo 2013.

(Please keep in mind the audio is not up to our usual quality as the car was loud and the venue was also very noisy)

This episode was recorded on the journey to Manchester Event City, and you get to be the fourth person in the car as you join, Andy,Dean and Ally on their 4 hour road trip which actually started before 5 am and ended around 1am

The lads discuss also discuss
Their expectations of Play Expo
Was double dragon 2 a bad game?
Music of the week
10 Retro gaming facts x3
Name the game
How to win Gameboy
T-shirts give away
Live tweets read out
What machine do you want to play and why?
Talking about the venue and crowd
Interview retro gamer editor Darren jones
Meet our community
Ben Daglish

All this plus loads more.

Download the episode:
Episode 54 – Play Expo 2013