Episode 33 – Finding the time to play games

Episode 33 Cover

The UK’s No.1 Retro Gaming Podcast returns for another fun packed episode! Your hosts are Andy and Dean (Swainy) who discuss a problem that affects all of us, the difficulty of finding the time to play games as you get older. As we get older, we inevitably find ourselves with extra responsibilities be it owning a house, being a parent and of course being married. With all of this going on, how can we find any time for gaming?

Also in the show:

  • The guys talk about their latest retro game puchases
  • hidden gems
  • reviews
  • name the game
  • and loads, loads more!

Hidden gem link: Miami Cobra GT

Retro event links: Geek 2013Revival

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Episode 33 – Finding the time to play games