Episode 25 – Play Expo 2012

Episode 25 Cover

Welcome to the 25th landmark episode of the UK’s No.1 Retro Gaming Podcast. Not only is it the 25th episode, but its also the one-year anniversary of the start of the whole Retro Asylum project. But that’s not all, this is the first time the three of us, Glenn, Swainy and Andy have all recorded in the same room and it just happens to be that room was a room in this years biggest retro gaming event – Play Expo 2012.

In this episode we give you the lowdown on what happened at Play Expo and our journey from episode one to episode 25 of the Retro Asylum Podcast. We are also extremely proud to have our special guest Mike Montgomery from the Bitmap Bros, who we interview for a good 20 mins where he tells us about how he got started in the business and where he sees it going. We also announce the winner of the Amiga 500 giveaway and of course we play Name the Game!

So thank you all for tuning for the last year and all your support towards the site and podcast.

Many thanks to all our Retromaniacs on the site and forum, and to everyone on iTunes for all your iTunes reviews. Special thanks also to The Oliver Twins, Colin Jones and Mike Montgomery for being superb guests. And to all our guests on the show, Andrew Joseph, Lorfaius, Scopie, Malc, Darren, Retro Darren (aka Foggy), BuzzBop and Damien.

Big thanks to everyone from Play Expo and Replay events.

Thank you guys for all your support we will always aim to improve and get better and we will introduce two new hosts in the next few episodes – Retro Darren (aka Foggy) and Denaris. Bring on the next 100 episodes, it has been a real blast and we look forward and strive to bring you five-star retro gaming action-packed weekly shows every Friday.

Thank you,

The Retro Asylum Team

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Episode 25 – Play Expo 2012