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Episode 12.5 – Retro Asylum is Going Weekly!


Welcome back retromaniacs to another episode of the UK’s No.1 Retro Gaming Podcast, the Retro Asylum Podcast.

This time though we have gone weekly!

Once again your hosts are Andy and Glenn. The lads tell us the way its going to work now – we do a mini show one week and the next we do the normal hour-long show.

So why have we gone weekly? Well a number of our listeners have mentioned they wish they had more retro gaming goodness to listen to, so we decided to go weekly, but do a mini show every other week so that way we don’t burn ourselves out and everyone wins!

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Download the episode:
Episode 12.5 – Retro Asylum is Going Weekly!

12 thoughts on “Episode 12.5 – Retro Asylum is Going Weekly!

  1. pottyboy says:

    Wow! A bite-sized version of the best retro gaming podcast! 😀

    Another job well done to Andy & Glenn! Once again it was a pleasure listening to you two. The only thing I would have to nitpick at was that the Another World track was a bit quiet, but still it was great listening to it again, so thanks for playing it Andy! 😀 BTW for those who don’t know, the other track I picked was Green Hill Zone from Sonic 1.

    Also, regarding the NEC PC-Engine. This was a very popular 8-bit console released by NEC in Japan in around 1987/88. It was due to be released over here in 1989 but in the end its european release was cancelled, so it ended up being the console that pretty much sparked the whole import thing, though I reckon people imported games for the NES, Master System etc before that. It did however get released in the US as the Turbografix-16. Many of the games are now available as downloadable titles for the likes of the Wii and iPhone, and there are various emulators around the web too.

    Also, the console that was ridiculously expensive and had massive carts? That would be the SNK Neo-Geo 😀

  2. Andy says:

    Glad you liked the show matey.
    I must have accidentally moved the volumme switch when it came to your choice of music.

    I’ve got some new plans for the half show

    Thanks agaun

  3. scopie says:

    Nice one- Short & sweet. Heres a W.T.F for you : TMNT arcade for the Amiga – what a stink!

  4. Andy says:

    I’ve never seen tmnt on the Amiga,I can’t imagine how they could mess it up.

    But yeah 2weeks from now the half show is getting a revamp all ready which inthink should make it differnt enough to the the normal show and should breath a whole new life into the show 😀

  5. AspergerGamer64 says:

    god wish i owned a Amiga i can’t believe it got some many votes

  6. Glenn says:

    I enjoyed the show Andy and thank everybody for listening I really enjoyed doing the podcast thanks Andy

  7. Damien says:

    Greetings from Las Vegas! I’m currently in the middle of NAB 2012, which has been mega busy so far! Really great to have this podcast to listen to during downtime. Thanks for the mentions. Guys! Glen I also remember The Human Race on the C64 – fantastic game with an awesome soundtrack which just created so much atmosphere!

  8. Andy says:

    Wow listening to our poddy all the way down in Vegas.

    Hope you are having a great time there mate:D

    The human race is a tough game with some of the most beautiful and atmospheric music I’ve ever heard.

    Hope all is well

  9. Damien says:

    Hehe – well we’re having a pretty tiring time that’s for sure. I’m being a total cop out and retiring to bed by 11:00 – I think it’s the only way you can keep going at my age! Yeah The Human Race is mega tough I used to be able to do the 1st level pretty easily with practice but level 2 onwards, things just got a lot harder. Still it is one of the games that shows just how special that SID chip on the c64 is!

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