Episode 12 – Pixel Nation!


Hello retromaniacs, episode 12 of the UK’s No.1 Retro Gaming Podcast is back… maybe a few days late but were are back better than ever.

In the episode your hosts are Andy “Where has all my free time gone?” and Glenn “I adore Kwik Snax on the C64”.

In today’s show the lads talk about what they been up to – where Glenn stays in a caravan and and Andy moans about not having any free time.

They tell us what they have been playing and share the latest retro gaming news.

There’s also the Andy vs Glenn SNES music challenge – please comment and tell us who has the better music choice! – and topic of the week is the Super Nintendo.

lorfarius… Keith has a guest slot and tells us a little about his retro gaming past and his amazing project “Pixel Nation”.

All that and loads more retro gaming goodness.

So sit back put your feet up and prepare to be transported back in time to good old days of gaming.

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Download the episode:
Episode 12 – Pixel Nation!