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specialepIn this special episode of the Retro Asylum Podcast,we have 2 guest host podcast’s doing the show.

We have the amazing Tom and Mat Attack and the equally fantastic Retro Grade. Both shows are two of my fave podcast out there and its a great honor to have them gu=est host the show.

Please check out their respective websites and also follow them on Twitter, @TMACast + @retrogradeshow 

But most of all please leave them a iTunes review as both shows deserve them.


4 thoughts on “Retro Asylum Podast Special

  1. stelios says:

    Both were rather interesting. Too console heavy for my liking, though, especially the Retrograde Show, which is a pity as I mostly liked the banter. Listened to half a dozen episodes; gaming world begins and ends with Nintendo for most of them in that podcast, which is a pity.

  2. phoenixz80 says:

    Interesting podcast. Made me realise why I like the Retro Asylum podcast so much over others 🙂 T+M section was good, although sometimes a little quiet in sections and hard to listen to. The RetroGrade section, oh dear. That’s 30 minutes of listening time I’m not going to get back. The first 5-10 minutes their all just talking over each other and you don’t really hear any sensible talk about retro gaming, and that woman’s voice I found annoying. If your in to that, so be it, but it’s not for me.

    Keep up the good work Retro Asylum.

    • stelios says:

      I have found that a good companion to Retroasylum to stave off the retrogaming podcast hunger pangs between RA episodes is Australia’s Retro Domination. Funny blokes and very passionate gamers & collectors (their hours long interview with John Hare was very entertaining). Maybe Andy can look in to doing a collaboration with them, as well.

  3. TEOL says:

    Not sure what to think about this Retro Grade special podcast I liked their podcast in this showcase but I didn’t at the same time liked the characters I can see protential in it but this particular episode they did was meh as they didn’t talk about many games only plugging their own podcast with a bit of non senical talking about their favorate games in between all the way which wasn’t a very good preview of what it’s really like.

    I’m more into RA’s style of podcast with everything Retro Console, Retro Computer, Retro Arcade and Retro Style Modern but these special shows are a good showcase for other platforms to showcase their skills so I would like these showcase specials to be an every now and then thing as then I can find stuff I do enjoy but they gotta put on a proper show next one though rather than a plugfest.

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