Episode 81 – Jon Hare


In this episode Matt interviews Jon Hare, industry legend, game designer and of course once a part of the mighty Sensible Software. In a similar vain to Matt’s interview with Dino Dini, they just chew the fat about where Jon started, the culture at the Sensible offices in the good old days with fair smattering of what has happened to the games industry in the eyes of Jon.

Of course there is mention about rising sea levels, no interview is complete without such discuss along with stealing chocolates from Chris’s dad when they worked out of his house.

In true Jon Hare fashion it’s a very honest chat, so cover your ears if you’re protective about Sensible Software’s old IPs and what has happened to them! The failures of Cannon Fodder in the recent times, the lack of 3D games from them in the 90s and many other cancelled projects.

Finally Jon chats about his first new game and new IP in around 20 years.

Download the episode:
Episode 81 – Jon Hare