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Episode 33 – Finding the time to play games

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The UK’s No.1 Retro Gaming Podcast returns for another fun packed episode! Your hosts are Andy and Dean (Swainy) who discuss a problem that affects all of us, the difficulty of finding the time to play games as you get older. As we get older, we inevitably find ourselves with extra responsibilities be it owning a house, being a parent and of course being married. With all of this going on, how can we find any time for gaming?

Also in the show:

  • The guys talk about their latest retro game puchases
  • hidden gems
  • reviews
  • name the game
  • and loads, loads more!

Hidden gem link: Miami Cobra GT

Retro event links: Geek 2013Revival

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Download the episode:
Episode 33 – Finding the time to play games

13 thoughts on “Episode 33 – Finding the time to play games

  1. Foggy says:

    Another great one chaps! Much prefer the ‘unplanned’ podcasts from you two – the whole thing kinda flows a lot better.

  2. Andy says:

    I got to admit this was probally one of fave shows I recorded, had a real blast recording with dean.

    I think you right it flowed well.(although I do confess Dean and I still had a structure and show notes to it)

  3. Damien says:

    I totally agree with Foggy it really did flow well and I thoroughly enjoyed the show. I think you always need a little bit of a structure, even when talking naturally just so you can keep everything on track and make sure you cover everything you want to. It did feel like
    sitting in the pub talking to a couple of mates and reminded me of the meal we had after replay expo.

    I just rescued my Gameboy color and GameCube from my parents’ place this weekend, both still work perfectly :). I’ve been spending most of the evening playing through the challenge modes of Timesplitters 2 again – it’s still an amazing game and so addictive!

    I know it was nowhere near as popular as the PS2 but I still rate the Cube as a great console even if the games could be hard to come by.

  4. TEOL says:

    Great show. You guys always do it much better when you just have a tree with the subjects and if it’s about hardware a few specs by you as well and thats it and just chat what you are thinking rather than phoney speech storylines written on a script like some podcasts do.

    Only people who are good at that scripted type are people who have been doing that style for years and are actually actors like AVGN and even the best guys in that feild are not as good as the best guys in the feild of how we do things non scripted.

  5. mrsid says:

    Great show guys…

    Totally agree with the comments above, the whole laid back chat thing really works.

    Full respect to Swainy for completing chase hq with 1 credit!!!!!!

    I can remember crowds of people always huddled round streetfighter 2. Was such a popular game.

  6. scopie says:

    The “bro-mance” episode! Seriously, fantastic episode guys, great selection of games discussed. You guys must have had telepathic abilities this episode with “Name the Game”. Which by the way I’m still waiting for my royalties cheque!! (I like to think I had a small part in the creation of that one by suggesting something similar on my Scopie episode lol).
    I still have know idea what that bike game was called….

  7. scopie says:

    Was the CD32 a flop Dean? I’m not sure because before the big C went under the CD32 grabbed around 40-50% of the CD market. Although I think these figured came from CU Amiga mag so who knows.
    I mate lent me one back in ’93 or 94 and it had a handful of games and even a video CD of Star Trek. Wasn’t a fan of the controller or the casing – looked and felt to cheap and the games were basically the same as my Amiga 500, that was the moment I thought I’d just wait and see what was around the corner e.g Playstation 🙂

    • Dean Swain says:

      To be honest Scopie it done fairly well for the first 6 months of its life but then it pretty much fell on its arse here in the UK. Most A1200 users were waiting for the long awaited official CD drive add on for that machine that would have run the CD32 games and when that didn’t appear the writing was on the wall for Commodore. It might have been different outside the UK but it was pretty obvious to the average gamer over here that by this point, the Megadrive & SNES had taken over the games market. As an Amiga owner, it was a pretty sad time.

      • scopie says:

        Yeah over here in nz it wasn’t looking good for the cd32 right from the start. The main chain that stocked the system in my town apparently didn’t sell a single unit. Yikes! Sega and Nintendo was completely dominating here also. It was a strange time for consoles, lots of new systems emerging and failing. Looking back its quite amazing how well Sony’s playstation dominated.

      • Damien says:

        I remember it well, waiting for the CD add-on. For a while there was some hope when Commodore UK looked to be buying out the failed US business but their offer was ultimately rejected.

        I suspect that even if it had come off they probably wouldn’t have had the money to keep the brand evolving, especially with the lack of MOS technology who made all the custom chips. I think it would have needed a lot of money to survive and advance.

        Real shame, I would have loved to have seen the AAA chipset and later the Hombre released. In the context of the technology available at the time the Amiga would have been a very impressive machine!

  8. scopie says:

    As a Dad of 4 girls heres my advice for getting gaming time.

    1. exaggerate how much work you need to do around home and while the wife takes the kids out while Daddy works play a few games on a extended tea break.

    2. Gym memberships can be handy, often the kids will go out for the afternoon because Daddy needs to “workout”. Power through the session and get back home and workout those joypad thumbs.

    3. Take advantage of the “girls night”. While the wife settles down to Greys Anatomy etc. Mumble something about making a cup of tea then make a B line for the man cave. – sorted.

  9. glenn says:

    good show guys i saw cd32 at replay expo should have buy it when i had the chance

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