Episode 75 – MrSid interviews Matthew Cannon


MrSid returns for episode 75 of the UK’s No.1 Retro Gaming Podcast.

This week we have a fantastic interview with composer Matthew Cannon. Matthew started his musical career at Ocean at the tender age of 16! Whilst at Ocean, Matthew composed some great music for games such as Batman the Movie, Nightbreed, The Untouchables, Operation Thunderbolt and Elf just to name a few. As a huge Martin Galway fan it was a dream come true to work at Ocean for Matthew. Martin had just left but Matthew was lucky to be mentored by the awesome Jonathan Dunn.

Matthew talks about how he got into making music on computers and how he managed to get a job at Ocean. He talks openly about what it was like working there back in the day and discusses his memories.

Check out some of the images below that Matthew has passed on which give a real sense of the office environment at Ocean. The top 2 are of Matthew and the bottom 2 are of the music room in which Jonathan Dunn (Matthews mentor) is in one.

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Matthew for sparing me his free time to do the interview. You can follow him on twitter: @matt_p_cannon

The music featured in this episode is:

Batman The Movie (Spectrum) Intro music by Matthew Cannon
Rolling Thunder theme music (Arcade)
Highlander (C64) by Martin Galway
Ocean Loader 4 (C64) by Jonathan Dunn
Terra Cresta (C64) by Martin Galway
Batman The Movie (C64) Last level music by Matthew Cannon

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Episode 75 – MrSid interviews Matthew Cannon