Episode 39 – Dino Dini Interview Part 2

Episode-39-Cover_zpsde723bc0Matt Denaris returns with the 2nd and final part of the Dino Dini interview.

In this amazing episode they cover life after Goal, Dino’s admiration for David Braben, what games he’s been playing, opinion on Kickstarter, music, future plans and are video games art?

All this Plus loads more Retro gaming goodness.

Big thanks to Dino Dini for taking part in the interview.

Here’s a link to the modded PS1 Matt mentions : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=trSXnioLh3c

Also music used in show intro (and full credit to those musicians) is from Flashback and the recent demoscene production Kioea by MadWizards – both on the Amiga.

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Download the episode:
Episode 39 – Dino Dini Interview Part 2