Episode 22 – Disk cannot be read!


After a few weeks away, Swainy finally returns to the UK’s #1 Retro Gaming Podcast.

On this week’s show he tells us what he’s been up to – doing the Knowlegde and playing on his Vectrex in his man cave, aka his shed.

Andy tells us what he’s been up to – not play much retro-wise because his Resident Evil disk on the Gamescube did not work.

Glenn is not here, but we’ve seen his holiday snaps in Majorca.

This episode is huge – it’s even bigger than Vanessa Feltz’s waistline, here’s what we got lined up for you…

  • Site news: new releases of classic retro games on the iPhone and more
  • Reviews: Back to Skool and Super Stuntman
  • Replay: Road Rash
  • Remake of the week: Target Renegade
  • WTF: Shadow Dancer (SMS) + Shadow Warriors (c64)
  • Name the game: a new fun game where the lads have to guess the game by simply answering yes or no
  • Hidden Gems: classic game we recommend you play
  • Topic of the month: the best launch title games

All that plus loads more retro gaming goodness.

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Download the episode:
Episode 22 – Disk cannot be read!