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Episode 20.5 – Scopie

20_5 Episode 20 and a half

Welcome to the first of our Retro Community summer podcasts here at Retro Asylum, where we will be talking to our retromaniacs about retro gaming.

Today’s retromaniac is Scopie, who tells us how he got into gaming, what his favourite system and favourite game ever are, plays name the game, and nominates his worst game.

Last but not least you can still win a Amiga 500 on our forum.

Hope you all enjoy the podcast and big thanks to our friend Scopie for being a guest on the show.

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Download the episode:
Episode 20.5 – Scopie

12 thoughts on “Episode 20.5 – Scopie

  1. malc1976 says:

    Awesome show one of the best i really like hearing from other people on the site great stuff.
    Didnt Scopie do well i agree with all the arcade games he said great choices.
    the first game i played on Mmae was Splatterhouse then Midnight resistance and went on from there.
    Mortal kombat hasnt aged that well Street Fighter 2 is the better game i still play both to this day.

    • Andy says:

      Yeah it was great having Scopie on this episode, it’s always great hearing other peoples point of view on retro games.

      I think the 1st mane game I played was probally ghost n goblins or Robocop

  2. TEOL says:

    Scopie has a voice?!!!!?

    Awesome hope he uses it more often in his videos now we have heard it.

  3. TEOL says:

    My Star Wars name is:

    Danco Chfel

  4. scopie says:

    Thanks for inviting me on Andy, just listened to it and I was cringing most of the way ha! Hate hearing the sound of my own voice etc. The kids had me up most of the night before so I was very sleepy and also had a cough and was trying not to splutter all over the microphone but it was a lot of fun! I just played Zarjaz again the other day and the games actually not that good but still love the amazing soundtrack, really suits the game and makes you feel like your in that tiny little ship drifting endlessly through space. By the way, I cocked up, my you tube channel is Scopie33 not 32! Thats my PSN tag.

  5. scopie says:

    Oh and I’ll like to take back Double Dragon as I just remembered the steaming pile of turd that was Roy of the Rovers. The back of the box had a nice colourful Amstrad screenshot and was no indicator of the nightmare I was about to endure. The draw of the game was that if you finally completed the horrifically dull arcade adventure game you were presented with one of the worst football games ever to grace any system – EVER!

  6. scopie says:

    one last thing, I was thinking of youtubing a couple of old Granstand games, Dracula & Crazy Monsters. If anyones interested shout out and I’ll put it up.

  7. malc1976 says:

    Dracula & Crazy Monsters i would be intrested in seeing that as i have a old Granstand game called Crazy Kong i think it maybe the same game as it has Dracula in it but dosnt have anythink to do with Kong i wonder if its the same game?

  8. scopie says:

    I just noticed at 6:17 I went on a tangent and never explained that the first night when my dad and I got home with the C-64 we couldn’t workout how to load any games! So my excitement turned into panic,them frustration and anger then finally near tears ha! But it all turned out o.k as the next morning I walked in and my dad had worked it all out (pays to read the manual eh?).

  9. glenn says:

    good show guys love every minute of it good to hear from scople point of view I had C64 too and what the machine it was too classic keep up good work

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