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Episode 30.5 – Don’t Forget To Tell Sid!


“The UK’s No. 1 Retro Gaming Podcast” is back for another half episode as this week’s host, Dean Swain, takes us on a journey of nostalgia as he plays us some of his favourite Beeper & AY tunes taken from classic ZX Spectrum games.

Featuring tracks from some of the all-time greats, such as Tim Follin, Ben Daglish and Jonathan Dunn, this is an episode not to be missed! Once again, Retro Asylum would like to say a huge thanks to this episode’s sponsor John Foster for his kind donation.

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Download the episode:
Episode 30.5 – Don’t Forget To Tell Sid!

13 thoughts on “Episode 30.5 – Don’t Forget To Tell Sid!

  1. TEOL says:

    Great episode. Enjoyed the tracks especially the ones with the chips trademark AY bluesy sound.

  2. Andy says:

    Great show swainy, really show cased the AY music superbly

  3. mrsid says:

    Nice one Swainy, great episode. The Batman The Movie title music on the C64 has always been my favourite until I heard the speccy version on the podcast. It is a fantastic tune. God knows how they squeezed stuff like that out of an 8 bit machine, amazing.

  4. Adam says:

    The sweet sound of Spectrum music. 🙂 I never owned any of the games mentioned on the podcast, but the music did sound good.

    Like I said once before, Tim Follin was one of those music composers that really pushed the Spectrum’s sound chips to It’s limits, even for the 48k.

  5. stoysville says:

    Another great show Dean – thanks. I much prefer the standard 48k beeper music over the AY chip though 🙂

  6. glenn says:

    good show dean I do like spectrum music you show some good examples but i still like SID chip better I finally got rid of this flu keep up good work mate

  7. den.aris says:

    Nice show Dean. While I am a SID fan through and through to be honest everyone knows about it, bangs on about it. So it’s nice to hear the other side and you picked some corkers.

    I love what musicians got out of the beeper. It’s not even a bloody true sound chip! Grainy, noisy but amazingly unique in it’s sound. The ultimate limitation. Wec Le Mans. Amazing tune, Dunn knew how to make the AY sing. That tune takes me back so much. I would argue that his Robocop theme tune is up there with Outrun as one of the most iconic, even used in TV advertising.

    Great tune to end with. Both the tunes in Glider Rider are amazing. I think the SID just pips the AY in this one but that’s like comparing 2 twins you’ve slept with 😉

    Good stuff Dean!

  8. Andy says:

    “like sleeping with twins” it’s sound like you have done that few times Matt lol.

  9. Damien says:

    Great show Dean, sorry I’ve just got around to listening to it – but some really excellent stuff in there! It was amazing what they got out of the 48k beeper considering how primitive it was! I love the Batman music too, though the driving and flying music on the C64 are two of my favorite tunes of all time!

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