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Episode 70 – A-Z of ZX Spectrum games

ep70coverIn this episode Andy tells you what he’s been up to and what hes been playing.

Site news 

Andy discusses whats been happening about the Elite Bluetooth Kickstarter

Plus the upcoming release of R-Type on the Iphone and Android.



Also in this episode all the latest details on the Retro Asylum Podcast Tour

Margate, on the 22nd February @ The Winter Gardens

Play Blackpool
Blackpool, on the 3rd of May @ Norbreck Castle

Retromania 2
Croydon, on the 26th May @ Playnation Games

Nerg 2014
Tyne & Wear, on the 5th of July @ Gateshead Stadium

Wolverhampton, on the 9th August @ Wolverhampton Race Course

Plus more dates to be confirmed.

The Winner of the Ocean goodies is announced


Plus the A- Z of ZX Spectrum games

Download the episode:
Episode 70 – A-Z of ZX Spectrum Games

3 thoughts on “Episode 70 – A-Z of ZX Spectrum games

  1. Dean Swain says:

    Good podcast mate. I wish I had been able to join you on this one. Where Time Stood Still was the follow up to The Great Escape that you were thinking of.

  2. mrsid says:

    Not a massive fan of the speccy as never owned one but really enjoyed this Andy. Some great choices and the spectrum kicked the c64s ass at times 🙂

  3. TEOL says:

    Spectrum definitely kicked the arse out of the AMSTRAD and C64 in the speed department as well as the outlines of the graphics because I find the drawings far supiorior although the colourings are pretty rubbish though because of the pallette of 16 and only being able to use a certain amount of them at a time unless if tricks are used to be able to put all 16 on the screen at once.

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