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Episode 57 – Point & Click Adventure Games



It’s MrSid again, and this weeks show will be all about Point & Click adventure games. From Monkey Island to Maniac Mansion it will all be covered on the UK’s No.1 Retro Gaming Podcast.

MrSid gives an overview of the history of the point & click adventure game, his memories and then most importantly we have invited our listeners to have their say. So the episode will be packed full of great music, insight and listener memories from these great games.

Please leave feedback and an iTunes review if you haven’t already.

Thanks again to our listeners who have made amazing contributions to this show.

Thanks to:
Paul Monaghan (@pdmonpaul)
Aaron White (@aaronub4t)
Andy Godoy (@retroasylum1)
David Packett (@davobanjo)
SimonLCFC (Retro Asylum forum)
Aron Alliston (@digituba)
Anthony Ogden (@uniforix)
Jonathan Keen (@piepew)
Andreas Wanda (@obiwandi)
Ally Hogg (@theretrohunter)
Soulstar (Retro Asylum forum)

And also thanks to Steve aka PressPlayOnTape for his introduction

Download the episode:
Episode 57 – Point & Click Adventure Games

12 thoughts on “Episode 57 – Point & Click Adventure Games

  1. Andy says:

    Really loved this Ep Sam and I’m only 30mins into it.

    Once again you have really out done yourself.

    Big thanks to all involved too

    • mrsid says:

      Cheers Andy. Yeah, was really cool to involve our listeners, something I would love to do again. Fascinating to hear other peoples memories. And Andreas mentioning that The Digs backgrounds were drawn in Deluxe Paint. I never knew that so also learnt lots of new things

  2. uniforix says:

    Awesome episode mate, loved listening to all of the submissions and you did an awesome job.

    But… did you fart part way through, might just have been me. Ho ho 😉 “Pharkus…. Freeeeedy Pharkus”….

  3. Foggy says:

    really enjoyed you last couple of podcasts mate.

  4. Primal Scientist says:

    Loved this cast. Was absolute quality. Wouldn’t mind hearing a few more like this you know.

    Well done all involved.
    Really really good.


  5. soulstar says:

    Just thought I’d add my 2cents and say what a great show you managed to pull together. I was surprised at the number of contributions included overall and it really did keep it quite interesting.

    Tuned in and just lay down listening to it all until the end. Good stuff.

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