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Episode 45 1/2 – Piracy

photo-1In the 1st of the 7 days of Retro Asylum Podcast in 1 week, Matt discusses the taboo subject of piracy head on without mincing his words about why he feels that piracy actually benefited the retro gaming scene that we currently find ourselves in.

Of course the chat comes down to the loss of business & developers too, but has it been quite as bad as the press & industry make out?

There is even an admission that he may have once owned a pirated game or knew someone that did, but it’s not confirmed in such a way to incriminate anyone!!

Is piracy really that bad? Listen to this podcast to hear one mans view on whether that is the case.

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Download the episode:
Episode 45 1/2 – Piracy

9 thoughts on “Episode 45 1/2 – Piracy

  1. uniforix says:

    Hold my hand up, got to admit that back in the day of the amiga i did have a plastic CD case with rows of disks in, and it did contain copied games. I did buy lots though and stacks of PD titles were in that box too.

    Great listening Matt, thanks!

    • scopie says:

      Wow brings back some real memories, the main reason I got my c64 was because I could get 100’s of copied games off my mates. Many disks had multiple games on each and often had trainers also. Good times.
      Same with the amiga, kept gaming on amiga till the late 90’s.

  2. scopie says:

    Everyone I knew at school copied games, it was like a huge club and i made many friends through ‘ahem’ exchanging game catalogues.

  3. den.aris says:

    That backs up what I say about piracy helping the manufacturers. The counter argument is that you could say that publishers leaving because of piracy killed the formats but I will hark back to my chat about people naturally moving onto the next / newest platform.

    Glad you enjoyed!

  4. Andy says:

    Great Ep as always matey.

    Really enjoyed it.

  5. mrsid says:

    Really great episode Matt. Remember the days of covering the holes on top of tapes with selotape! It cant of affected the games companies that much as most are either still going today or went bust due to bad management or business decisions.

    Ive never heard of a software company going into liquidation due to people copying their games.

    Great subject covered superbly (as usual)

  6. necronom says:

    I had/have a LOT of copied games for the C64 and Amiga, though I did also buy them when I could, and for Birthdays and Christmas. I remember getting a demo of Laser Squad on the Amiga with a batch of copied games, and I ended up buying the full game, then later UFO: Enemy Unknown. I probably wouldn’t have bought them otherwise.
    At the time of the C64/Amiga I didn’t have hardly any money, so buying them was a problem. These days (actually since the PS1), I’ve bought all my games, as I can afford to.
    Copied games definitely kept me with the machines and interested in them for longer. I had a VCS first, and only had Combat and Space Invaders, and the games were VERY expensive, so I quickly moved on to the Vic-20 and could get them cheap, or free.

  7. mattyr64 says:

    Great who again. Enjoyed the tunes too! Will be checking them out on bandcamp. As for copying, I didn’t even have a C64 or Speccy until I was in high school, but I remember from the age of about 6, I used to use my brothers hi-fi with high-speed dubbing to copy cassettes for my friends. What was I getting out of it? God knows, but I suppose it did mean I could carry on playing some awesome games at my mates house after he had given his cousin back the original copies! Most of the games I’ve owned have been cartridge based, as consoles have always been more convenient for me. So not much in the way of copies/backups. Nowadays, I do own an R4 card for my DS, a flash cart for my Game Boy and a 1541U for my C64, purely for the convenience of having multiple backups available at the touch of a button, and being able to play otherwise un-obtainable import or ridiculously rare/expensive games.

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