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Episode 40 1/2 – Dirk Digduggler

The Retro Asylum Podcast Β is back and we have another amazing audition, this time round for our 4th audition we have Dirk Digduggler.

In this episode Dirkduggler tells us how long he has been listening to the podcast and why he enjoys it.

Dirk also tells us how he got into gaming, the first game he ever played, playing a C64, Target Renegade, Street Fighter 2 and loads more retro gaming goodness.

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Big thanks to Dirk Digduggler and to all our retromaniacs out there.

Download the episode:
Episode 40 1/2 – Dirk Digduggler

11 thoughts on “Episode 40 1/2 – Dirk Digduggler

  1. uniforix says:

    Really nice podcast Dirk, really enjoyed the listen on the way in this morning.

    I remember staring at all the Hit Squad re-releases but I never had Spectrum/C64 at that time, so I was mainly Mastertronic, Blue Ribbon and Bug-Byte on the Electron.

    Some really nice memories there and a really enjoyable listen, will re-listen later πŸ™‚

    And Swainy, love the cover!

  2. simonlcfc says:

    Great stuff Dirk, some nice memories there, again, the Hit Squad stuff and Barbarian / Target Renegade – lost hours to those two.
    And that pic is utter class Swainy!

  3. TEOL says:

    If I was to vote for anyone it would be Joe as he is the guy who is always doing the written reviews and really deserves to have by default one of the two spots anyway for what he does as he is a mainstay site reviewer.

    Consider this a verbal vote if you like Andy. πŸ˜€

  4. glenn says:

    enjoy the podcast I agree The Chaos Engine was better on the Amiga

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