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Ep 92 – The History of Psygnosis


Welcome to episode 92 of the UK’s No.1 Retro Gaming Podcast.

In this episode, Sam (mrsid), Steve (press play on tape) and Paul (the drisk) chat through the history of gaming powerhouse Psygnosis.

This is the follow up to our History of Ocean podcast and similar to that, we chat about key games, milestones in the companies history and have some amazing listener contributions.

If that wasn’t enough, we have even produced a History of Psygnosis PDF for you to download which includes loads more detail. Huge thanks to Paul for putting this together. Enjoy!

View it here:

Psytronik Software:

Chris Wilkins Spectrum book:

100 Spikes:

Also, don’t forget to enter our competition to win a copy of Donkey Kong on the C64. All you have to do is email the answer to this question and I will randomly select a name out of the hat at the end of the month. Question: In Donkey Kong what is the name of Mario’s girlfriend he is trying to save?

Thanks to @aaronub4t for the kind donation of this game. Cheers Aaron!

Big thanks to all our wonderful sponsors and to Phil Hockaday for the EPIC cover artwork!

Dino Dino
Play Expo
Retro Tower
Michael J Hay
The Retro Hunter
John Stratford
The Drisk

Any feedback is more than welcome and please leave us an iTunes review if you haven’t already.

10 thoughts on “Ep 92 – The History of Psygnosis

  1. stelios says:

    Great podcast chaps! Unfortunately, in a moment of weakness last January, I decided that as I did not own any boxed Psygnosis games (except for Lemmings 2:The Tribe) back in the day, I would love to be able to have a wall full of their magnificent artwork. I started buying boxed Psygnosis games for the Amiga; the prices for some of the large boxes especially is eye-watering. Unfortunate that for many of those games the gameplay is quite naff compared to the magnificent artwork…

    P.s. Still sad to see Andy go. Thank you for everything!

    • thedrisk says:

      Glad you enjoyed the show Stelios. It certainly is eye watering the prices of the Psygnosis boxes… but I bet they look so good on your shelf 🙂 . Thanks for the feedback and I hope you enjoy the e-book.

      • stelios says:

        I finished reading the e-book this morning, actually. Enjoyed it greatly.

        • mrsid says:

          Glad you enjoyed it Stelios. I know that people are still sad to see Andy go but the Retro Asylum will carry on and we will do our best to keep putting out quality podcasts 🙂

          • stelios says:

            I don’t doubt it. I like the direction the podcast is going in, with all the great interviews and themes (like this one dedicated to Psygnosis).
            Which reminds me, wasn’t there mention of an episode dedicated to the demoscene at one point?

  2. […] episodes are available to listen to on their fantastic website!Check it out and more over at Category: Link […]

  3. […] episodes are available to listen to on their fantastic website!Check it out and more over at Category: Link […]

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  5. […] demander l’autorisation de traduire ce livret réalisé à l’origine pour préparer leur 92ème podcast – ils ont de l’avance sur nous ! Ils ont accepté à condition que je crédite bien […]

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