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Ep 38 1/2 – Audition 2 – Andrew Joseph

Episode-385-Cover_zpsc78e8570This week we have another superb Audition for the co-host slot for the podcast.

Today auditioning is Andrew Joseph from
Andrew talks to about how he got into retro gaming and his view of gaming back in the day retro gaming memories such as the Spectrum,Master System and the Amiga plus loads more.

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If you would like to audition for the co-host slot, then please record a mp3 between 10-15mins and then either zip file or upload to sharing site and then email me @

Please leave us a iTunes review.

Download the episode:
Ep 38 1/2 – Audition 2 – Andrew Joseph

13 thoughts on “Ep 38 1/2 – Audition 2 – Andrew Joseph

  1. Andy says:

    Just wanted to be the 1st to say “a job well done” 🙂

    Really enjoyed hearing your audition mate, you covered a whole bunch of different topics

  2. Damnit these guys are putting in some good auditions. I’ll get my coat…

  3. mrsid says:

    Yeah I agree, was really interesting to hear Andrews gaming story. These audition episodes are really interesting

  4. uniforix says:

    I couldn’t get logged in to comment on here earlier at work, even though I was logged into the forum…. oh well.

    I’m really enjoying these too, nice to hear Andrew Joseph and I’ll check out his site again, been a long time since I last checked it out so well overdue a revisit me thinks 🙂

    Did you submit an audition Dirk? I’m up next…. OOOOOOoohhhh LOL

  5. Andy says:

    Sorry about that guys we have a problem with bridge that links the forum login and site login as some times the link breaks and inhabe to reactivaite it, normally I check on the site every few hours but I was busy sorting out the garden yesterday.

    But yeah so far all the entries have been amazing, we got 3 more lined up.


    Just remember guys to get people to vote once all the audtions up, the more votes = new co host slot.

    And even if you don’t win guy, we prob will have you on somewhere down the line.

    (We are planning a top 50 games ever with audio should files that I will edit together)

    • Coolio… I had a ton of fun recording and to be honest I’m totally ok if I miss out on the spot because I now have loads of ideas to try out. It would be awesome to put in a little feature now and then to add to the quality content of the show/s.

  6. TEOL says:

    Andrew Joseph are you the famous AMIGA music artist?

    Oh right that was Richard but still you have a surname of video game greats so you have classic gaming in your blood to podcast on the Retro Asylum and have fun doing it. 😀

  7. TEOL says:

    I got the Cartoon Classics Pack myself but I got it in the A500+ version.

    It included Lemmings, Deluxe Paint, Simpsons Bart Vs The Space Mutants and Captain Planet.

  8. Adam says:

    I wish Andrew and also everyone else all the best with the auditions. 🙂

  9. andrewjoseph says:

    Thanks for the comments guys. Loving the cover art. Its good to be able to talk about retro gaming with like minded people.

    TEOL. I remember all those games well, Captain Planet was a cruel cruel game :_)

  10. glenn says:

    The games factory I loved that games making program when I was 14 make its simple but it powerful too for the time

    enjoyed the show Andrew

  11. Damien says:

    Andrew, that was a thoroughly enjoyable podcast. You have a very natural conversational manner which made your show a really relaxing listen, well done :).

    Totally with you on WizKid. It was one of the most surreal and funny games I ever played on the Amiga and I still love playing it today!

    You put forward some very interesting points about retro and what you consider is retro is all about how old you are. It’s an ever changing field the consoles of today are the retro machines of tomorrow – I still can’t get to grips with the fact that the PS1 is now considered a vintage machine!

    I think what you say about people’s perceptions of how games looked and felt years later is spot on. I still look at games like Jet Set Willy which seem to me as fresh and as exciting as the day they were released. Show any of those games to my cousin’s kids though and they laugh at me!

    Lots of great gaming memories there. I can remember the pain of tape loading errors, especially when I had to abandon expensive disks on my Amstrad in favor of tapes.

    As a final note, I just love the cover art. You look like a young David Tennant! Glenn, you may have some serious competition for that Dr Who role ;).

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