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Ep 37 – Dino Dini Interview Part 1

In this episode, Matt interviews the coding genius of Dino Dini, Famous for his Kick Off series, there is more to Dino than meets the eye.

Matt & Dino don’t shy away from getting technical, talking physics coding and of course football. There’s even talk of what ended Dino’s career – for a time. Hardly a mention of anything Sensible either!

This is part 1 of a 2 part interview. Hope you enjoy this interview. please leave us your feedback and if you haven’t already please leave us a iTunes review.

Download the episode:
Ep 37 – Dino Dini Interview Part 1

14 thoughts on “Ep 37 – Dino Dini Interview Part 1

  1. Dean Swain says:

    A great episode Matt, can’t wait for part 2!

  2. Andy says:

    Great Show mate, i cant believe we have to wait until ep 39

  3. Foggy says:

    Honestly thought i’d get turned off by the techie stuff but you both managed to inform AND entertain! a great interview – well done.

  4. scopie says:

    As an amiga goal fan i can honestly say this was a very interesting listen. So now we know why anco didn’t publish dino’s third soccer game and ended up bringing out that lackluster kickoff 3. Loved the tech talk even if half of it goes over my head. I tend to agree that goal was the better game over kickoff 2, i certainly had more fun in 2 player mode and you could play horizontal or vertical. great podcast, what a shame it had to end. Looking forward to part 2

  5. Mark Jones says:

    Great stuff Matt. Loved the techie stuff – right up my street! Can’t wait for part 2 …

  6. mrsid says:

    What a fantastic podcast. Was facinating to hear all about how Dino came about to make the Kick Off games and Goal!. He is personally responsonsible for me losing hours and hours of my childhood addicted to Goal! When I probably should have been outside actually playing football!

    Matt did an amazing job with the interview. The whole thing sounds so slick and professional. Well done mate. Will look forward to second part.

  7. den.aris says:

    Thanks for great comments! After listening to it so many times during the edit I had no idea whether this was good or bad. Thankfully it seems like it was good.

    I went from absolute nerves as I started the interview (Kick Off 2 & Goal also played a massive part in my life & still does – money betting as well!! – so Dino is a hero) to just chatting with him for about 3 hours in total.

    Thoroughly enjoyed it & hope to get the chance to interview some more legends.

    Always open to criticism as well. Of course I might tell you where to go 😉 (joke)

  8. TEOL says:

    Great episode my new favorate and I thought nothing would beat the Oliver Twins and Benway interview episodes.

    How wrong I was the interviews are just getting started.

  9. Loved it, loved it, loved it.

    You know I cant even remember playing Kick Off but I was just grabbed by this interview and need to play it asap.

  10. den.aris says:

    Thanks both appreciate the feedback! Makes my day to hear such positivity!

    Hopefully part 2 will bring more.

  11. glenn says:

    fantastic interviews Matt its interesting to listen to you and Dino Dini talking about all sorts of stuff like amiga atari st and Kick Off games i was not football fan but like all technology geek stuff

  12. Lost count of how many times I played Kick Off on the Amiga all those years ago. Such a fantastic game, and what a brilliant interview! Great stuff. I think the last footy games I played “a lot” was Sensible Soccer and Goal!. I never really got into FIFA or Pro Evo afterwards in the same way that I loved the Amiga footy games.

  13. Damien says:

    Matt, I’ve just got around to listening to this podcast (wanted to listen when I could give it my full attention) and I have to say this is a truly fantastic interview, very well done. You and Dino bounce off each other superbly, I feel there’s a real chemistry betwenn the two of you which leads to sme fascinating insights, not only into Kick Off and Goal but also the challenges of writing a game back in the 90s.

    Absolutely brilliant stuff – this is my favourite Retro Asylum interview so far!

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