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Episode 93 – The glossy magazine edition


Today we try a slightly new magazine style format with the podcast.

Foggy talks about his love for the Mattell Intellivision , the console that lost out to the atari 2600 in the 1st console wars.

Matt Denaris has a ramble about F1 and asks YOU to get involved !

Mrsid tells us about his Commodore 64 pickups , announces the donkey kong compition winner and reviews the game Hunter’s Moon on the c64.

Also music from thing on a spring on the c64 and the intellivision song from intellivision lives on the ps2

All that plus Foggy and Swainy have problems trying to pic up a copy of manic miner!

links mentioned on the show –

The intellivisionaries podcast –
Intellivision lives –

As always many thanks to our sponsors – Dino Dini, Play Expo, Retro Towers, Mikey J Hay, John Stratford, The Drisk, TheRetroHunter, Rich King Retro and

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