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Episode 56 – My 8Bit Life (Paul Norman)



MrSid returns with Episode 56 of the UK’s No.1 Retro Gaming Podcast!

This is the third in the the Series of ‘My 8Bit Life’ where we take a look at the life and career of a certain games music composer from back in the day.

It’s Halloween, and this weeks podcast is aptly all about the legend that is Paul Norman. As the man behind games such as Aztec Challenge and Forbidden Forest, his games are legendary for the Commodore 64. Not only for the actual game but also for what Paul did which the SID chip. He was one of the first to really push the humble C64 to the limit.

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Again, a massive thanks to Paul for helping us out and agreeing to answer my questions for this podcast.

The Retro Asylum interview Paul Koller

Azteca Queen by Paul Norman

CONQUISTADOR for the Atari Lynx

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Download the episode:
Episode 56 – My 8Bit Life (Paul Norman)

11 thoughts on “Episode 56 – My 8Bit Life (Paul Norman)

  1. stoysville says:

    That is the hardest game I’ve ever played in my life! o_0

  2. Andy says:

    Great podcast sam, I really appreciate the hard work you out into this as it’s been my fave episode , full of info and some amazing music.

    I love forbidden forest , graphics still impress me and the music is fantastic

    Well done sam

  3. scopie says:

    Yes great podcast mr Sid! While I think I ony played a couple of Paul’s games (Aztec and beyond t.f.f) back in the day, playing beyond the forbidden Forrest at night when you’re 13 yrs old leaves a lasting impression on you! After the initial shock of how bloody hard it was I found myself really getting into the atmosphere of the game and the gory horror elements were pretty full on compared to most other games of the time. I think paul Norman is An extremely talented man and created a game that blends movie like music and action perfectly. There’s really nothing quite like that 3d effect in any other game on the c64. There’s only really a couple of games which remind me of this classic game; moonstone for its unforgiving difficulty and gore and shadow of the colossus for its atmospheric landscape and the David and galioth battles with your trusty bow and arrow. And to think, I only ever killed the hydra a handful of times! A game I can never forget that’s for sure.

    • mrsid says:

      Cheers Scopie 🙂 yeah those games were so scary. Don’t think my parents would have allowed me to play them had they known what there were.

      I’ve not heard of the others you mentioned so will check them out

  4. scopie says:

    Yeah moonstone is a cult classic amiga game and shadow of the colossus is a ps2 game which got an hd remake on ps3

  5. stoysville says:

    Just had time to listen to this podcast and loved it. You’re right, Paul Norman was a master at creating atmospheric games. Check out his C64 version of ‘The Trivia Monster’ too, actually scary at night with the lights out, especially the first time you see the monster!

    Nice one Mr Sid.

  6. TEOL says:

    This guy is interesting he didn’t just make the music but he actually wrote the games that his music was hosted in also a very talented man indeed.

  7. necronom says:

    Great episode. Hearing Aztec Challenge on a friends C64 (possibly the first C64 game I saw) was the moment I knew I had to get one. My Vic-20 was good, but this new computer was AMAZING!

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