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ZXSpecstars Top 5 Cheap SNK Bosses

Does your final opponent on SNK fighting games suffer from any of the following

Arbitrary advantages over playable characters in the game

Disregard for established gameplay rules

Absence of reaction time, command input and “human error”

If so then your opponent is suffering with suffering with SNK Boss Syndrome and here is my top 5 worse case suffers

2 thoughts on “ZXSpecstars Top 5 Cheap SNK Bosses

  1. Andy says:

    nice matey, and i thought street fighters 3 Gill was a cheap fighter…maybe there should be a game called cheap fighter lol
    or Cheap Fighter 2 lol

  2. ZXSpecstar says:

    tell me about it but i cant imagine a round lasting longer than 10 second and it woudl be the biggest button basher in history

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