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Sonic’s Green Hill Zone Acapella!

Each week we will now be featuring our ‘YouTube video of the week’. If you would like to nominate a video for us to feature, email

So, this weeks YouTube video of the week (chosen by Andy) is by the insanely talented¬†Smooth McGroove. For those of you that have not seen his videos before, he basically does acapella¬†versions of classic video game music. See the video below of his version of Sonic’s Green Hill Zone. It’s pretty amazing!

All Smooth McGrooves songs are also available to buy from iTunes.

3 thoughts on “Sonic’s Green Hill Zone Acapella!

  1. TEOL says:

    Like it but it’s ruined by having a music beat in there making it not Acapella at all. lol.

  2. TEOL says:

    He is talented but if you do wear a good pair of DJ headphones the Sonic in game beat is in there as well making it not a real Accelpela I even sent him the constructive critisum in the videos only to have flaming dished at me by the super fanboys which that backlash I didn’t deserve.

    Thats why YouTube is starting to be like the Ask FM version 2 people start making you feel bad because you had a thought of constructive critisum towards something you like yourself and they make you feel down in the dumps because of their superfandoms and worst of all the bashlash wasn’t by him.

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