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Youtube video of the week – The Spectrum Show

Welcome to a new series we will be doing here at the Retro Asylum “Youtube video of the week”

The first video of the week is from the superb BuckingTheTrend2008

Now the reason why I have chosen this video as the video of the week is because it’s amazingly¬† put together, is very informative and covers one of my favorite systems ever the ZX Spectrum.

YouTube is literally littered with loads of so called reviewers, many of who just rant and rave like insane idiots, but not BuckingTheTrend2008.

BuckingTheTrend2008 is probably the best Channel for all you Speccy fans, If you like your videos to be informative and well researched then I highly recommend you check out his Channel.

Here is the first video of his series The Spectrum Show, please check out and subscribe to his channel.

4 thoughts on “Youtube video of the week – The Spectrum Show

  1. Damien says:

    What an excellent show, I really enjoyed it. It’s a nice format with plenty of interesting material. I like the way it has been presented too, it feels a lot like gaming shows of the 80’s.

    It looks like Paul is a seasoned Spectrum developer. I’ll definitely have to check his game out, it looks very slick!

    Great find Andy!

  2. trantor says:

    Excellent show. The guy has a good pace and a great format. How often is he releasing these?

  3. mrsid says:

    You guys may have seen his vids but here is ashens review of the truly awful renegade 3

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