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WTF – Double Dragon 3 The Sacred Stones – NES

WTF playing bad games so you don’t have to!
Today’s WTF is Double Dragon 3 on the 8bit Nintendo.
Here is the story/plot on the box art


Only one man knows the real story behind Marion’s disappearance… and he’s dead!

Now the Double Dragons must rely on a mysterious fortune teller to locate Marion and her ransom – the Sacred Stones of Power! With 1 & 2-player simultaneous action, you’ll fend off vicious street thugs, evil ninja warriors, deadly gladiators, Manchurian barbarians and more!

Defeat your most dreaded enemies and out of pure respect they’ll join your side – adding their Iron Claws and Shangai Stars to your all-new martial arts maneuvers – like the awesome Mid-Air Somersault.

Double Dragon III. If you survive the arcade action, you’ll rescue Marion, retain your honor and discover the truth behind the Sacred Stones.”
To find out why this game is so terrible watch the video below to find out.

6 thoughts on “WTF – Double Dragon 3 The Sacred Stones – NES

  1. malc1976 says:

    Another great video mate as bad as Double Dragon III is i like it better than Renegade 3

    • Andy says:

      I was talking to Swainy at replay and he mentioned that DD 3 arcade wasn’t even meant to be DD game originally.

      Sadly the series got worse and worse, the best one in recent years was the game boy advance.

  2. TEOL says:

    Nobody has obviously played Double Dragon 4 – Super Double Dragon yet. That was my worst until seeing the NES of 3 but still it’s close to being the worst.

    • malc1976 says:

      Double Dragon 4 – Super Double Dragon on the SNES? i have i used to own it but as far as i remeber and its been 15 years now since i played it but i thought it was good

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