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Wrestling With Pixels: Kickstarter Campaign

Wrestling With Pixels: The World Tour Of Wrestling Games is a book telling the story of wrestling game development around the world, and cataloging every wrestling game ever made! This Kickstarter project is by Botched Productions.

For a few years now, Audun Sorlie have been interviewing wrestlers and developers of video games through various work for Hardcore Gaming 101, Destructoid and magazine publications. No matter if the interview originally revolved around other subjects, or if he had sat down with them specifically to discuss the world of wrestling, it dawned on him the sheer amount of stories he was gathering that had never been heard before, yet held so much humour, shock, passion and confusion.

The book is built up in 2 interchanging parts. The history chapters which details the story of how wrestling and video games began their rise in the mid 80’s and became a solid tag team, looking at the competition between WCW and WWF and how it shaped the games.

The book will have illustrations based on numerous wrestling games by Minecraft’s graphic designer, junkboy!

Between each chapter, there will be a catalog of every wrestling game ever made. Every game from WWF, NJPW, WCW, FMW, you name it, those developed in the US, those in Japan, even some in Spain.

View the Kickstarter campaign here

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