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Wreck It Ralph – Maybe Disney has hit home with us


Now weather you love Disney or hate them the one thing they just has never stepped on is video game style story lines….with the exception of  Tron, This film flew under my radar and it was not until I was shown the trailer today by a friend that i knew this film existed, and I have good hopes for this  but for you who do not know about it…I am going to let you watch the trailer and tell me what you think

2 thoughts on “Wreck It Ralph – Maybe Disney has hit home with us

  1. buzzbop says:

    saw the trailer for this a while ago, i think it looks pretty fun. loved seeing some classic characters making a cameo aswell 🙂

  2. ZXSpecstar says:

    The whole situation of all the bad guys in a AA style meeting is just too good to be true but here it is

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