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Wow Sonic 2 in HD…..



And guess what ….. its not being done by SEGA.

Surprised not realy in this day and age as to me Sega seem to be slacking off but this is a very impressive piecs of work is done by Team S2HD in association with SonicRetro.

Now by looking at this trailer a lot of hard work has so far gone into this game and if you pay thier site a visit you can  check some screen shots and a some nice development notes.

I am one very eager to see this proect complete and so far Sega have not put up any cease and desist notices on Team S2HD but do you remember what happened to Bomber Games and thier fantastic Streets of Rage remake which after completion only then Sega struck them and had the game pulled … will the same fate happen to Sonic HD. The comunity was in out rage once with SoRR will Sega make the same mistake twice.

Either way enjoy this trailer  and lets hope this little project comes up trumps and brings us the best sonic game back in glorius HD

11 thoughts on “Wow Sonic 2 in HD…..

  1. Andy says:

    WOW great find!
    My fave sonic games were always the 1st and 2nd and i was laways they would get a HD release.

    really happy that people/fans have made this happens, it looks awesome!

  2. malc1976 says:

    Looks really cool i like Sonic 2 the most out of all the Ssonic games 🙂

    • ZXSpecstar says:

      Deffo and if this takes off what would stop the team doing the other main sonic games, except knuckels chaotix that can burn in its own suffering lol

  3. TEOL says:

    I don’t know. I always felt that 2 was like 1 but with worse level layouts. The only things they really added to it were a spin dash and 2 Player with everything else being worse than the 1st.

    The 2nd world had good music but you gotta admit that was horrible level design with the having to slow down and be careful rather than doing what Sonic should do and go fast which was this games downfall.

    • Andy says:

      Agree I actually prefer 1 to 2, spin dash and music and leve design.
      But in fairness 2 was still fun.

      And this game looks mind blowing fantastic, I’m glad this got made as it look amazing

      Sega should have released the sonic games in hd, I would have bought then all

      • TEOL says:

        There is no being fair to bad level design though Andy.


        Thats what I felt about the level design of some of the game which stopped it from being my fave.

        • TEOL says:

          Well it does stop your enjoyment because you can’t play Hydrocity Zone fast as Sonic is all about the speed you can platform it’s not for slow platforming at all and that level forces you to go slow so it’s bad level design for a Sonic game where it’s all about speed without stopping so I don’t really agree with that face palm you made to that comment, no offense as that means you do like Hydrocity Zone and my opinion differs there.

  4. TEOL says:

    I would have liked a game with the good levels from 2 and the good from 1 like the Sonic 3 and Knuckles game better than a straight Sonic 2 in HD.

  5. Kamil says:

    Wow, this remake look really good, i hope SEGA wont repeat same mistake like with SOR

  6. Glenn says:

    sonic 2 my favorite sonic game good to see it in HD

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