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Wings: Remastered Edition

Wings: Remastered Edition is a high definition remake of the classic Amiga game. This Kickstarter campaign by original developers Cinemaware has a target of $85,000.

Originally released in 1990, Wings earned some of the highest reviews of all Amiga games and a unique atmosphere and style still unmatched to this day. It featured a mix of gameplay styles, including top-down view bombing runs, isometric strafing attacks and in-cockpit 3D dogfights, seamlessly blended with an engrossing and immersive storyline over the course of 230 missions.


Now, Cinemaware and a team of games industry veterans are working at bringing this game back with all its original missions, storyline and gameplay intact, presented with new, up-to-date high definition graphics, music, sound and controls!


The game will be developed for the PC, Android and iOS, with the option of Mac, Linxus, AmigaOS, OUYA, and PSN/PS4 versions as stretch goals (they will also make the project available for porting to Linux and AmigaOS!).

There is a fully playable prototype demo for Windows PC and Android been produced with five original levels reproduced in HD. This demo is a limited sample of what the remastered missions, graphics and storyline which will form the basis for the full game can be like.

Here’s what critics had to say at the time of the original game’s release:

  • Wings was ranked #65 among the “150 Best Games of All Time” by Computer Gaming World Magazine (November 1996)
  • CU Amiga magazine (10/1990) said: “Wings is a brilliant game. It’s both atmospheric and easy to get into.” 94%
  • Computer & Video Games magazine (10/1990) said: “Wow! This is fun! In fact, it’s probably the most enjoyable Cinemaware game yet…” 94%
  • Australia’s Commodore & Amiga Review (11/1990) said: “Wings is a     brilliant game. It’s got atmosphere, it’s got action and it’s got loads of   style.” 93%
  • The One UK magazine said: “…for a more authentic experience of life in World War One you’d be hard pushed to top this.” 91%
  •’s Fiery Phoenix (fan) review: “Wings. A classic.”…“ To round up I would have to say this is one of the top 5 Amiga games ever made.”

Support the Kickstarter project here

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