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Who Dares Wins II

In this episode of 8-bit wars, Damien takes Alligator’s Commando pretender Who Dares Wins II to battle on the Spectrum, Amstrad and Commodore 64. Which of the three contenders will be victorious? Watch the video to find out…

7 thoughts on “Who Dares Wins II

  1. TEOL says:

    I’m liking the new approch of 8-16 Bit Wars. Multiple RA team members doing them and taking their time studying each version instead of rushing.

  2. darren says:

    Love this game. I had it on the Spectrum, but I never remember it being so bad graphically. Good old rose tints 😀

    I never really managed to get past that bit with the plane. I think it was almost impossible on the Speccy.

  3. scopie says:

    Nice vid and got to agree with you with the winner. Can’t beat the scrolling.

  4. trantor says:

    I never got to see the Amstrad and Spectrum versions in action before, and was always a bit miffed at the nice colors of the Amstrad version, but knowing that it was flick screen really is an eye opener. Great video!

  5. darren says:

    I quite like the flick screen. It’s segmented action, rather than just frantic non stop. I can see why this isn’t to everyone’s cup of tea, but I think that might be part of the game’s charm.

  6. Andy says:

    Great vid Damien..
    This is one of my fave games ever
    I. First played this on a collection of 10 games an this really stood out for me

    Hadn’t really played the c64 or cpc version a lot, but this has convinced me to pick em up again

  7. Damien says:

    Thanks for all the comments guys, your positive feedback is amazing! I got Who Dares Wins II as part of the Five Star Games compilation for the CPC and I absolutely loved it. For years I could never get beyond Outpost 6, but when I played it again on my CPC a few years ago I managed to complete it first time – must have been the years of playing experience I’d gained!

    I like all three versions really but the C64 just pips it. I hadn’t experienced the scrolling version until I played the C64 version relatively recently i think it just brings it closer to Commando for me which is why I prefer it to the flick screen. I also really do prefer the C64’s colours I think the Amstrad is just a bit too bright there’s a little too much orange for my liking!

    Great game though – Andy it too is one of my absolute favourites – it’s just so playable and being able to dispatch so many enemies at once is very satisfying!

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