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What Might Have Been – Streets Of Rage 3D

Ruffian Games boss Gaz Liddon has posted prototype footage of a new version of Streets Of Rage that the developoment house was working on in that hope that SEGA would green light the project. According to Gaz Liddon, the footage shown below was only about 6 to 8 weeks into development and represents a pre alpha quality. Whilst for us it doesn’t quite capture the real Steets Of Rage feel, it certainly reminds us of Core Design’s Fighting Force which itself was originally intended to be Streets Of Rage 4.

6 thoughts on “What Might Have Been – Streets Of Rage 3D

  1. darren says:

    Very impressive, but loses something in the 3D. I think if they kept it side scrolling with updated 3D graphics it would be a lot better

  2. trantor says:

    Reminds me of a much cleaner looking version of Fighting Force (I was really hoping that game would reinvent the side scrolling beat ’em up for the 3D age). Impressive look. Wonder if the gameplay would really hold up nowadays as a console release.

  3. scopie says:

    Year not bad, I like the way they have over laid the neon text. Does seem to loose a bit of the look and charm of the genesis originals though.

  4. TEOL says:

    I would have preferred it to be 2.5D to be honest which is a nice update.

  5. ZXSpecstar says:

    I really am not feeling this at all it just reminds me of fighting force back on the PS1 / PC but the best idea is in deed use 3d models etc but lock it into the old 2d scrolling aspect… hey it worked for street fighter 4.

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