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Video of the Week – Knightmare – (Parody)

mqdefaultFor all of you that remember the classic 1990’s kids TV show ” Knightmare” which was shown on CITV, will absolutely love this parody.

The original show featured¬† teams of children enter Knightmare Castle via an antechamber belonging to Treguard of Dunshelm , once in the castle one of the kids had to put on the Helmet of Justice” which obscured the dungeoneer vision who then had to be guided around by his friends in this computer generated dungeon on quests.

This parody which was produced and written by Owyn Stephens really captures the feeling and atmosphere of the CITV show and the most amazing thing is that It went viral after 4 hours and so far it’s clocked up over 54, 029 views.

the great news is that 2 more episodes are planned!!

So sit back and enjoy this great spoof and also if you can please check out and subscribe to Owyn Stephens YouTube channel

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