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Vectrex Regeneration Out Now On iOS!

Great news for Apple owners as Rantmedia Games has announced that the long awaited Vectrex emulator for the iPhone & iPad is finally released this week!

Ever since the project was first announced back in August, Retro Asylum has been keen to see exactly how this app will pan out as we are huge Vectrex fans. The universal app will come bundled with the system’s entire original game library (that’s around 28 titles) and will offer indie titles released after the Vectrex left market (in 1984) as in-app purchases, along with various feature packs, such as the multiplayer Controller Pack and the iCade pack.

Along with the announcement that the app would be released this week, a new trailer has been posted on youtube.

If you are not familar with the Vectrex console, be sure to check out Retro Asylums review of Mine Storm and our Retro Asylum Remembers: The Vectrex feature.

12 thoughts on “Vectrex Regeneration Out Now On iOS!

  1. pottyboy says:

    Now the Vectrex REALLY is portable!!! 😀

    Seriously, this looks good!

  2. den.aris says:

    I think the games will lose that wow factor, but this is great news. Was only looking for the Intellivision DS pack last night.

    This goes straight on the Christmas games list.

  3. Dean Swain says:

    Ok, here are my first impressions.

    The app is free and Minestorm is included, to access the rest of the games you have to purchase the Megapack. Here in the UK the Megapack costs £4.99 which currently includes Armour Attack, Bedlam, Bezerk, Blitz!, Cosmic Chasm, Fortress Of Narzod, Heads Up, Hyper Chase, Pole Possition, Rip Off, Scramble, Solar Questt, Spike, Star Castle, Star Ship, Star Hawke & Web Wars.

    The indy games currently included are Continuum, Thrust, Vector & War Of The Robots.

    I’ve tested the app on an iPhone 4S & a iPad 2. Both work fine (There had been reports that it doesn’t work on the iPad 2) and I haven’t had any software crashes so far. Touch screen controls work far better on the iPad obviously due to there being more space on the screen but really to get the most out of this app you will need an icade or other controller device. Saying that, I still found Minestorm enjoyable on my iPhone with the touch screen controls.

    Everything seems to be very well emulated but there is no speech on Spike! Darnit!!!

    Obviously the blur effect from the original hardware is not really found here but I’d say that this is a very good app and well worth taking a look at, especially if you have an icade.

    Update: If you’ve got two devices, eg an ipad and an iphone or ipod touch.
    Start the vectrex app in both, get to the same menu screen for a game, eg Minestorm with ‘sound/overlay’ along the top showing.

    On the ipad select controls/connect, select the ipod/iphone under player 1 and then your ipod/iphone is turned into a vectrex remote ! Very cool and works well!

  4. stoysville says:

    Thanks for the review, I might have to check this out. Real shame about Spike though! 🙁

  5. Andy says:

    Will be downloading this as soon as I get home from work:-)

  6. stoysville says:

    Just tried this out myself and overall I’m pretty impressed.

    As usual it’s the controls that really put me off, sliding your finger around the screen to rotate the ship in Minestorm just doesn’t work. One of the Vectrex’s strong points was the self centring analogue stick, and now I’ve played this on the iphone I’m wondering whether that’s the critical point that made the games so playable. It’s a great version of Minestorm (so are the other emulated versions), but I think this reiterates the fact that it needs to be played on the proper system.

    I also think it would have looked better with some kind of emulated screen effect (or soft blur), the vectors are just too sharp with too much contrast.

    Overall though, it’s a great app for free so well done to Rantmedia. I’d personally prefer to buy single games than a pack though.

  7. pottyboy says:

    Just tried it. Not bad. Only real issue I had is that the games are unplayable with the overlays on as you can’t see what you’re doing!

  8. TEOL says:

    Looks like IOS is stepping up on the emulation scene again and just one upped the Droid I’m loving this pad wars series.

    Just need to port proper MAME latest revision from the Mac Book PC OS to the IOS portable rather than making a rubbish 4All version that runs games from older sets only you can’t get on most sites anymore and it mat trump the droid even more then if it’s powerful enough for a portable full version MAME.

  9. scopie says:

    Not tbad at all. Nice presentation and I like the way you can rotate the game boxes. Still can’t believe that the game it’s bundled with (minestorm) doesn’t work properly, first game I played kept messing up on level 2

    • Dean Swain says:

      Yeah not sure how it went out with such a massive bug in it but the fixed version has been sent onto Apple do it should be released sometime this week.

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