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Ultima IV: C64 available on the App Store

UltimaMainOut today, Ultima IV: C64 is a near 100% replica of ‘Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar’ and is free-to-download – courtesy of Mythic studio – using Elite System’s C64: Elite Collection technology.

Download from the Apple App Store here

  • Digital copies of materials included in the original Ultima IV including the ‘Player Reference Card by Lord British,’ ‘History of Britannia as told by Kyle the Younger,’ ‘Book of Mystic Wisdom as told by Philpop the Weary,’ ‘Ultima IV Map of Britannia,’ and assorted images
  • Helpful in-game guide to help you master gameplay as well as an in-depth gameplay guide for Beginners, courtesy of GameFAQS
  • Enjoy playing Ultima IV in portrait or landscape mode
  • Automatically save your game each time you exit with up to four save game slots


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